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5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Although older homes have a lot of charm, outdated features and themes often make spaces seem dark, cluttered, and uninviting. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose expensive renovations to modernize your home. Consider these five interior update suggestions from ABODO :

1. Cabinet Refacing
Instead of completely replacing old cabinets, many homeowners simply reface cabinetry with veneer panels and hardware that incorporate modern design elements like clean lines and geometric shapes. If you have a small budget, a fresh coat of paint in a modern color with updated hardware can also do the trick.

2. Pull Cabinetry
If you lack organization or space in your kitchen, it’s time to consider pull-out cabinetry that replaces standard box cabinet shelves with deeper drawers and pull-out shelves. You can also
fill unused space between cabinets and appliances with narrow pull-out vertical pantries.

3. Open Features
Open room design is a modern trend that continues to remain extremely popular year after year. You can open a small space by taking out walls or creating a wall cut-out. If you have a limited
budget, use tricks that make small spaces seem larger, such as painting walls and ceiling white or a light color, removing cabinet doors or installing clear glass ones, hanging a mirror, and swapping large furniture for smaller pieces.

4. Cork Flooring
Many people consider cork to be a non-durable material, but modern engineered cork flooring is designed to handle high foot traffic. Natural color adds warmth visually to any room and because cork floors are insulated, it makes them actually feel warmer than other surfaces. Cork also provide more cushioning than tile and laminate, which is great for people with feet and back

5. Repurposed Antiques
Take a second look at antique fixtures, hardware, and furniture around your home and at local flea markets and antique shops. You can turn an old coffee table into a stunning luxury ottoman
with a bit of paint, foam, and fabric.

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chatham county real estate
14409157363_d553cdcde5_m–Carolina Development

Looking for Chatham County real estate?  You will want to consider Pittsboro, the county seat and Chatham Park, which is on its way.  Siler City is the largest city in Chatham County, but this article will focus on Pittsboro and Chatham Park.

Walking down Hillsborough Street, the main drag in Pittsboro, you will quickly notice the historic character of downtown Pittsboro. Chatham Park, a 7,000 acres development, is set to unfold over the next three decades.  Soon  Pittsboro will be surrounded by flourishing housing units, research companies, and other thriving businesses. Here, boutique shops and restaurants will be a short walk from home. And with a growing corporate business park, you can commute to work by bike or trail. Chatham Park will provide a place for building a career and raising a family.

Chatham Park  will be located at the convergence of US Hwy64 and 15-501 and will border the Haw River and Jordan Lake. Preston Development co-founder Tim Smith is convinced Chatham Park will not wipe away the historic character of downtown Pittsboro. Many residents feel that boosting the local economy and bringing jobs to the area is important. The projected population of Chatham Park is 55,880, which is an almost 1500 percent increase from Pittsboro’s current population of 3,743.

“We have supported the downtown and retention of its identity by assisting the town to obtain funds from the Department of Transportation for improvements,” he said.

“Chatham Park should follow the same precedent as neighboring historic downtown communities such as Apex and Wake Forest. When development began, the historic downtown districts of both towns flourished and continue to be vibrant commercial centers.”

“The bridge over the Highway 64 bypass is being completed, and we will begin construction on a road from the new bridge down to the business 64 overpass,” Smith said. “We expect housing to begin in late 2017.”

UNC Health Care and UNC Hospice facilities have already broken ground. Thales Academy, a private elementary school specializing in engineering and technology education will begin construction in 2017 as well. Thales provides a rigorous academic environment that fosters ethical behavior, critical thinking, virtuous leadership, lifelong learning, and truth seeking with a firm foundation in cognitive, non-cognitive, and technical skills and will be a valuable addition to the area.

You can read more about Pittsboro and the Chatham Park development in Southern Neighbor.

You can read the latest issue of Southern Neighbor for more information and what’s happening in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Pittsboro and Hillsborough.

With the coming of Chatham Park and the historic charm of Pittsboro, Chatham County real estate promises to be highly sought after and the next big thing in the Triangle.

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Mixing Old and New Interior Design

Mixing old and new interior design can demand innovative ideas while still creating a warm feel for a room or home.  Some of the inspiration for this article comes from Family Ties vs. Interior Design from the October 25, 2015 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

mixing old and new interior designHold on to anything labeled Herman Miller, Knoll, Dunbar, Baker, Brown Saltman and Widdicomb, among others, unless you loathe it. It’s well-constructed even if it isn’t priceless. Pieces made of bronze, brass, solid walnut, solid maple and marble are also worth finding a home for.

There are times when sentiment trumps everything. When people have a connection to objects, keeping them is “not only a design decision, it’s an emotional one, and one that needs to be respected.” “Fortunately, however, mixing pieces of many eras and styles has rarely had as much design currency as it does today among professional designers and DIY decorators alike”, according to Robin Baron, current president of the Greater New York chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

“And if you have every room that’s very sleek, you can put in something with a worn appearance or even something curved, carved or gilt”, said Darryl Carter, a Washington, DC, designer and author of “The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace and History”. For example, a client integrated a small handmade table made by their father who had studies with a Japanese-American master woodworker George Nakashima, and Mr. Carter had “a metal artisan laser-cut an asymmetrical shape in the table’s top so the wooden piece could be inset”.

To make a house feel fresh and young consider whitewashing wooden occasional chairs and covering them in a bold floral linen to create a more English country-house cheerful than hand-me-down dour. Mr. Carter is not only partial to applying a white gesso, but also to ebonizing, for example he covered a client’s sentimental brown breakfront with black paint, then gussied it up with new hardware and a white Carrara marble top. Adding a stone top he noted, “can be done affordably by buying a remnant at a stone yard.”

interior designSome family jewels do well in a prominent setting. In his Atlanta home, designer Stan Tool framed a quilt from his mother’s bedroom to hang as artwork in his sitting room. Designers frequently update old furnishings with a sensitive face-lift. “Vintage and antique pieces are usually better quality than new furniture, but I see no harm in making the finish more suitable to the interior you have,” says Stephen Jones, a Beverly Hills interior designer.

Rachel Laxer, who works in London and New York has the answer to Grammy’s somewhat ghastly Victorian parlor sofa and chairs? “Cover them in a simple fabric that allows the frame and details to shine and pair them with a more modern coffee table.”

Sometimes the necessity of including inherited pieces gives birth to more than cosmetic innovation. When presented with one client’s 1960s glass-topped wooden coffee table, West Hollywood designer Tommy Chambers removed the glass, stripped and stained the table, then added a top cushion and bolster to create a daybed. At home, Mr. Chambers mounted to his dining room wall the Japanese sword chest in which his grandfather had stored tools, creating a floating sideboard with room on top for a drinks bar.

“Integrating a family heirloom adds warmth and history”, he noted. “It’s good to have these things, however quirky they may be, as long as they are loved and make my clients feel at home.”  So, mixing old and new interior design can be a necessary skill.

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5 Ways to Help Your Clients Compete With Cash Buyers

These tips(summarized) will help your buyers’ offers seem more attractive; originally by Jackson Cooper November 12, 2015.

Key takeaways:

  •  The cash market has been falling since January 2013. However, with cash buyers making up a little more than 30 percent of the market, your clients are going to need every competitive edge they can find.
  • The FICO score is calculated by analyzing all open accounts on a person’s credit report. One of the first things you need to be aware of is making sure clients are well below their credit limits and consistently make larger than the minimum monthly payment.
  • With the seller, and possibly the listing agent, a larger earnest money deposit can go a long way toward greasing the wheels.
  • Even though the cash real estate market is slowing, it’s still important for you to help your buyers who need to compete with cash buyers.

home buyersIn February, CoreLogic data showed 37.9 percent of closed deals were to cash buyers, which is down from 40.6 percent the previous February. In February, Core Logic data showed 37.9 percent of closed deals were to cash buyers. For buyers who plan to finance, this is excellent news. The cash market has been falling since January 2013. However, with cash buyers making up a little more than 30 percent of the market, your clients are going to need every competitive edge they can find.  Below are 5 ways to help your clients compete with cash buyers.

These five tips will help you help them beat the lure of cash.

  1. Understand creditworthiness
    For 2014, Ellie Mae statistics show 67% of buyers who financed had scores of 700 or greater. Paying off and closing accounts will not boost credit scores. Pay them off, but leave them open.
  2. Convincing a client time is on his or her side
    Pre-approval letters offer the seller security. They also reduce the amount of time to fund the loan. Part of what makes cash buyers so attractive is the instant gratification aspect.
  3. Waiving contingency clauses
    To compete with cash, your clients need to keep the contract as unencumbered as possible. About funding options: To attract buyers, the FHA accepts lower credit scores and smaller down payments, but to finance a home with an FHA loan, the home needs to be in near-pristine condition to pass inspection. So if clients need to finance, a conventional loan will make them a more attractive buyer.
  4. Extra earnest money
    With the seller, and possibly the listing agent, a larger earnest money deposit can go a long way toward greasing the wheels. This is a great option if the buyer is a solid qualifier for securing the mortgage on the property.
  5. Making an emotional appeal
    Selling a home is an emotional experience. Ask clients to write a note expressing love for the home. A genuine expression of what being the owner of the property would mean.