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5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Although older homes have a lot of charm, outdated features and themes often make spaces seem dark, cluttered, and uninviting. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose expensive renovations to modernize your home. Consider these five interior update suggestions from ABODO :

1. Cabinet Refacing
Instead of completely replacing old cabinets, many homeowners simply reface cabinetry with veneer panels and hardware that incorporate modern design elements like clean lines and geometric shapes. If you have a small budget, a fresh coat of paint in a modern color with updated hardware can also do the trick.

2. Pull Cabinetry
If you lack organization or space in your kitchen, it’s time to consider pull-out cabinetry that replaces standard box cabinet shelves with deeper drawers and pull-out shelves. You can also
fill unused space between cabinets and appliances with narrow pull-out vertical pantries.

3. Open Features
Open room design is a modern trend that continues to remain extremely popular year after year. You can open a small space by taking out walls or creating a wall cut-out. If you have a limited
budget, use tricks that make small spaces seem larger, such as painting walls and ceiling white or a light color, removing cabinet doors or installing clear glass ones, hanging a mirror, and swapping large furniture for smaller pieces.

4. Cork Flooring
Many people consider cork to be a non-durable material, but modern engineered cork flooring is designed to handle high foot traffic. Natural color adds warmth visually to any room and because cork floors are insulated, it makes them actually feel warmer than other surfaces. Cork also provide more cushioning than tile and laminate, which is great for people with feet and back

5. Repurposed Antiques
Take a second look at antique fixtures, hardware, and furniture around your home and at local flea markets and antique shops. You can turn an old coffee table into a stunning luxury ottoman
with a bit of paint, foam, and fabric.